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This comprehensive clinic is a one day experience where I will teach you the basics of hoof trimming in a fun and interactive environment. My goal for you is to understand the fundamentals well enough so you can trim your own horses or understand the process better when your farrier shows up!

So what’s involved? The clinic is broken up into 3 parts.

Part one: I’ll present a 1 hour long PowerPoint presentation that outlines the steps needed to trim your own horse. Also, I will use a demo hoof to explain important points visually. Questions and discussion will follow.

Part two: This part of the clinic can range from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the number of attendees. Using the demo hoof, each attendee can participate in trimming without the risks of using a live horse.

Part three: We’ll use the fundamentals of trimming learned from the first two parts of the clinic and put them to use on live horses. Attendees can practice what was learned on the demo hoof on the real thing!

Cost breakdown:

Parts 1 and 2: $600
Part 3: $300
Full clinic price: $900 Cost of Airfare, Meals and lodging Luggage fee: $140

Note: Parts 1 and 2 together can be purchased separately from Part 3. Please include luggage fee if flying to your location.