LA Weekend Farrier Course $1000

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This farrier course is geared for the horse owner who wants to start trimming their own horses, as well as up and coming farriers or trimmers interested in a weekend apprenticeship in the Hollywood area. 

This 2 day weekend farrier course is a ride along with Farrier Tim Prindle, where he’ll teach the art of horse hoof trimming and modern shoeing with  flexible polyurethane shoes .

 About your host, Tim Prindle:

Tim has trimmed and put shoes on over 100,000 horses. Currently, he owns Barefoot Equine, a service that specializes in trimming and shoeing horses feet. He works daily on horses of all sizes and breeds. From trail horses to fancy show horses. He works with giant Clydesdales as well as miniature ponies that come up to your knees.

 What’s included:

Day 1 (Saturday): Tim will pick you up at your accommodations in Sherman Oaks and we’ll stop at Denny’s for coffee in Sherman Oaks where Tim will go over a brief rundown of the day’s events. Then we’ll go out into the field, within a 40 mile radius of Los Angeles, working on horses in need of hoof care. We’ll work on about 5-10 horses per day. 

Day 2 (Sunday) We’ll stop at Denny’s again in Sherman Oaks and discuss the upcoming day. We’ll go out into the field and continue working on more horses. We’ll wrap and end the day at Anejo Cantina and Grill for dinner and drinks.

What I’ll provide:

Transportation to ranch locations. Coffee at Denny’s. Lunches both days. Dinner and drinks at the Cantina Lounge on Sunday.

Good things to bring:

Hiking (hiking shoes best) or running shoes. Jeans, t-shirt, sweatshirt.




Spend a couple more days in Hollywood and enjoy the sights!