Out of State/Country Farrier Service

$750/Day (10 Horse Maximum/Day)

Luggage Fee $140

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This service is for horse owners looking for quality barefoot hoof care in any state and/or country. Tim will fly to your local and trim your horses. He will also offer custom fit state of the art hoof boots for any horses you would like.
What you will get:
Tim will assess each horse individually, and trim according to the natural parameters of the hoof. If the owner would like hoof boots, Tim will custom fit each boot so they fit perfectly on the hoof.
Cost breakdown:
Flat Rate For Farrier Work: $750/Day (10 horse maximum/day)
Cost of Airfare, Meals and Lodging
Luggage fee: $140
Custom Fit Easycare Hoof Boots: $200/pair (optional)

Note: Please use quantity number in Add To Cart button as the number of days you would like farrier service and include luggage fee in your order.