Farrier Consultation By Text Message $30 

If you are curious what FARRIER CONSULTATION BY TEXT MESSAGE is let me explain how it works. Have you ever wanted to have a farrier on call and responsive in case you ever saw something you were unsure about regarding your horse’s hooves? This is an opportunity to get in touch with an expert farrier easily. This is the process:

When I receive your payment I will simply get back to you within 24 hours guaranteed. I know how important your horse is to you and the feeling of being a little more sure about the condition of your horse’s feet brings peace of mind. Let me be a part of your team and I’ll write you back my opinion concerning any hoof related issue you may be experiencing. Please send at least 3 quality pictures of the issue and I may or may not ask for more pictures or questions regarding the issue. Then I will provide my conclusion.

 VERY IMPORTANT: In clicking the Buy Now button for FARRIER CONSULTATION BY TEXT MESSAGE you understand that Barefoot Equine and/or Timothy Prindle is not your farrier and is not in person with your horse, therefore this service is not a hands on evaluation, but rather an advisory service. As such, the customer agrees that Barefoot Equine and/or Timothy Prindle will not be held responsible in any way for unsatisfactory results.